Playa Vista, CA


Matt Construction

Scope of Work

The Spruce Goose only flew once in 1947, the largest flying boat ever built, and made almost entirely of birch wood. The United States needed a giant flying transport ship, and teamed with Howard Hughes to design the aircraft that still has the largest wingspan of any aircraft.


The Hughes Aircraft Company built the plane in Playa Vista at a massive 315,000 square foot wooden hanger. The hanger and Hughes Airport closed in 1985, and the land became a Hollywood sound stage, used to film movies including Avatar and Titanic.


Now the hangers, right across from YouTube’s Los Angeles production studios, will become part of a large mixed-use center with residential, commercial, and entertainment. But the hangers were not ready to be part of the heart of the new Playa Vista community, covered in lead paints and toxic asbestos.


AMPCO Contracting was brought on to remove contaminates from the structure and create a clean and safe facility large enough to fit over five football fields.

Contract Value