Facility Closure

This pertains to projects that involve the shutdown and closure of a manufacturing and/or processing plant or facility, where we work side-by-side with Owners to recover and re-sell their assets, sometimes in an auction setting, if the Owner chooses to do so.

Our Environmental Abatement team will abate any hazardous materials where our Asset Recovery team will need to surgically cut piping, conduits and/or components in order to remove the Owner’s asset from the building, for them to re-sell or auction. Then we proceed with the site clear demolition to prepare the site for redevelopment. Again, if there’s no re-sale value for assets, we will typically demolish the assets with the structural demo process and sell as scrap metal.

City of Citrus Heights

AMPCO efforts resulted in a cohesive controlled demolition site, a detailed SWPP’s and a public complaint free project. The scope of work was completed ahead of schedule at cost savings to the City.

Christopher Myers

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