At AMPCO Contracting safety is priority. Our company has empowered all employees to “STOP The Work” if he or she sees any situation or practice that they believe is unsafe.

“STOP The Work” is Standard Operating Procedure within AMPCO’s safety program. Every employee has the power and responsibility to challenge unsafe work practices and situations.

Field supervisors and superintendents have been given “Carte Blanche” to make every job site meet AMPCO’s Safety Standards. If we need anything to eliminate or reduce a hazard, our field supervisors have been directed to buy it, rent it, or build it without delay. We maintain OSHA compliance at all times and refuse to accept anything less from any members of our team. There is no job so important and no service so urgent that we cannot take time to perform our work safely.

Our Safety Program begins with our Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP). The IIPP is thorough and all of our employees are required to understand and comply with it. Our Project Managers, General Superintendents, Supervisors and Lead Men have completed OSHA 30 training and have demonstrated the ability to recognize and abate safety hazards. These are our “Competent Persons”.

We have an extensive in house training program. Our Safety Division holds training meetings covering a minimum of one topic per month. Topics include Fall Protection, Heat Illness, Ladders & Scaffolds, Hazardous Energy (LOTO), Traffic Control, Torch Cutting & Welding, Fire Watch, First Aid & CPR, etc… We also provide training for site specific duties or tasks as needed.

At AMPCO Contracting our site specific safety begins with our estimators who are trained to recognize environmental & occupational hazards. This preliminary information is then given – in writing – to our Project Managers, General Superintendents and the Health and Safety Manager. A site engineering survey is then performed and documented by a competent person.

The next line of defense in our safety program is our Activity Hazard Analysis (AHA). This is where we identify all potential hazards associated with the project and communicate the engineering and administrative controls we will use to eliminate and reduce each hazard. Included in our AHA is a Risk Assessment Code (RAC). This matrix calculates the severity and probability of each hazard and provides an overall risk level.

Our Field Supervisors conduct a site specific safety meeting weekly. We hold a daily open-forum safety muster prior to each shift. Our Health & Safety Division audits and inspects each job site a minimum of once a week. Safety inspections range from once a week to every work day depending on the risk assessment in the AHA.