Power Division

AMPCO Power Division combines all of AMPCO Contracting’s knowledge and technical expertise into one division that specializes in the Decommissioning Demolition and Dismantling (DD&D) of large energy, chemical, food processing and manufacturing plants. We also process and remediate legacy sites. Many of these facilities reside on prime real estate with great redevelopment opportunities and include large volumes of salvage and recoverable assets, but unfortunately they usually come with significant environmental liability.

Many of these properties will need to be prepared for real estate transfer and redevelopment, which may include extensive environmental remediation before DD&D can begin. The current owner bears the burden of environmental liability. AMPCO Power Division is one of the few contractors that can manage and perform such large-scale environmental tasks and completely alleviate ownership’s environmental liability and prepare the land for sale to a new owner or for reuse. All environmental abatement procedures are planned to ensure all salvageable assets and materials remain intact for recovery.

Our team has decades of specialized hazardous soil remediation and asbestos abatement experience, including decontaminating process vessels, coal silos, tanks, pipelines and power plant demolition. This specific knowledge and expertise can help our clients when planning to decommission and dismantle a large facility.

Due to the size of many of these structures and facilities, coupled with their hazardous material liability, safety is our priority on these projects. AMPCO Power Division brings one of the strongest safety records to the table. All members of AMPCO Power Division are OSHA 30 and HAZWOPER certified. Only our best, brightest and safest team members work on AMPCO Power Division job sites. The size of many of these facilities, as well as their original uses, requires very specific technical knowledge to dismantle and demolish them safely. AMPCO Power Division has that technical knowledge and equipment.

Our project management team will prepare extensive schedules and meet all project milestones, while determining the safest and most cost-effective solution to recover salvageable assets and restore the site to its green state. We can also provide extensive project closeout packages once work is complete.

AMPCO has experience with a variety of contract structures for salvage and asset purchasing that will help clients realize their project recovery goals and exit strategies. By using AMPCO Power Division’s customizable service with all trades under one umbrella, you will have the confidence that the project will be completed safely, leaving only a clean and marketable piece of real estate.


  • Controlled Implosions
  • Generating Station Decommissioning
  • Fossil Fuel Plant Decommissioning/Dismantling
  • Chemical Plant Decommissioning & Asset Recovery
  • Manufacturing Plant Decommissioning & Asset Recovery
  • Petroleum Product Pipeline Dismantling and Demolition
  • Legacy Site Remediation
  • Ferrous and Non Ferrous Metal Salvage
  • Component Removal/Salvage
  • Infrastructure Renovations/Abatement
  • Recycling & Equipment/Asset Recovery
  • Structural Demolition
  • Soil Remediation
  • Stack Removal
  • Superfund Site Clearing/Hazardous Soil Removal